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  • Beyond Maslow

    Research indicates the need to belong is as important to self-actualization as Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs.  It is true that attachment to something or someone beyond ourselves is essential to propel us to our greater selves.  Gratification can be realized… Read More

  • New Year, New You!

    The start of every new year presents a world of new opportunities. About 30% of Americans take this time to establish their New Year’s resolutions. Per Approximately 50% of those who make New Year’s resolutions plan to exercise more; Forty-nine… Read More

  • A COVID Christmas!

    By Charles “Pete” Denman The holiday season affects everyone differently. Some people are flooded with bouts of holiday spirit while others seem overwhelmed with the additional chores associated with the season. Regardless of how you view the end of the… Read More

  • Embrace Your Weirdness!

      How often do we make decisions based on what others might think? The behavior is often unconscious and typical of human beings to seek acceptance and the approval of others. That said, the most intriguing people are often outside of… Read More

  • Conquering Fear

    Fear, anxiety, and worry is a current place of being for many! With the current state of our world, if we choose to absorb all that is shared our internal voices can easily lead us to despair and even panic.  … Read More

  • Words Matter

    Hope this finds everyone safe and healthy!   As we practice an abundance of caution in consideration of COVID-19, we are re-posting a worthy reminder: Words Really Matter!     Each person produces approximately 70,000 thoughts per day, according to the Laboratory of Neuroimaging, University… Read More

  • Listen to Understand

    Listening… a lost art? Not really. According to sociology authorities the act of listening to understand, not to reply, is subject matter that is not taught in main-stream academia.   According to Webster, the following terms mean: ·    Listen: give one’s… Read More

  • The Worry Spiral

    Think too much? Do you often consider every possible avenue, approach, response, or path?   We wonder, and wonder, and wonder… and wonder some more. The cycle may drive us crazy when in reality, these thoughts are not rational.  … Read More

  • Cost of Interference

    Competition for our attention is at an all-time high. Social media, email, urgent project requests, colleagues who need advice, family tugs, household chores, and the ever-pervasive text messages are all contenders competing for our attention.    Multitasking: not a solution! … Read More

  • Savor Happiness

    Savor! According to Webster, Savor is defined as to delight in, enjoy. When was the last time we really enjoyed a moment? Reacted with a belly laugh? Experienced a genuine gratefulness for a loved one’s embrace or delighted in the scent of… Read More