Government Contracting

The Research Group is a certified MBE and has extensive experience working with government agencies and organizations awarded government or foundation grants. Accordingly, The Research Group is equipped to support the required rigor and is prepared to move projects forward efficiently:

  • All participant-facing employees are NIH Certified in Human Respondent Protection.
  • A library of research instruments with necessary compliance requirements are ready to be customized to each project and for Internal Review Boards [IRB], including Informed Consent, Participant Recruitment Scripts and Screeners, and Discussion and Interview Guides.
  • We successfully employ practices to maintain participant (or patient) anonymity while delivering detailed findings.
  • We are equipped with policy and procedure knowledge, and understand accurate paths to HIPAA compliance and e-health regulation requirements.

The Research Group keeps current and continuously expands our professional and foundational knowledge so our clients can take advantage of fresh trends and employ best practices.