Failure: NOT an Option!

This environment is testing emotions, significantly changing behavior, and generating authentic fear in the fiercest of people! 

Many of us need to be reminded: We are human! 

However dark the world appears, we can choose to embrace the changes ahead! 

Joyce Myer said: Attitude is the posture we take toward life. It’s all about the way we decide to look at our circumstances. The attitudes we choose affect how we feel, behave, and ultimately, the overall quality of our lives.


How we decide to face challenges life throws at us defines the outcome.  


Negative behaviors, among many, can be defined as: 

  • Honoring other people’s priorities over your own.
  • Putting off investing in yourself.
  • Resisting change.
  •  Engaging in “below-the-line” thinking.
  • Mistaking fantastical, wishful thinking for action.
  • Remaining powerless and speechless.


Positive behaviors include Adaptable, Cooperative, Courageous, Determined, Generous, Responsible, and Productive, just to name a few. According to Adulting, adopt a positive attitude when challenges arise:

  • Even a fake smile helps; smiling releases happy hormones!
  • Connect with awesome people. Be with people who make you the best version of yourself!
  • Have positively positive thoughts. Gratitude!!! Be thankful!
  • Motivate yourself in the second person. Interrupt negative self-talk with: You are happy… you are a good person!
  • Happiness is not a destination. It’s intentional: Happiness is a choice!


Our attitudes will govern the quality of each moment and cultivate moments of our future!

Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.

– Zig Ziglar 

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