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  • Happiness Savored!

    According to Webster, Savor is defined as to delight in, enjoy the pleasantries. When was the last time we really enjoyed a moment? Reacted with a belly laugh? Experienced genuine gratefulness for a loved one’s embrace or delighted in the scent of a flower?   A… Read More

  • Social Detox

    Ever notice how being around happy people improves one’s mood?  Other times reflecting on a situation only to realize negative people sucked the life out of you? It is a known fact we are the product of those with whom… Read More

  • Food Feud

    Food allergy anyone? The daunting facts: Researchers estimate that up to 15 million Americans have food allergies. According to a 2013 study by the CDC, food allergies among children increased approximately 50% between 1997 and 2011. Eight (8) foods account for… Read More

  • Slowing the Hands of Time

    Wow, time flies… when you’re having fun… when our ‘to do’ lists are overwhelming… and when the demands of the day seem to steal our joy. One key to making time ‘slow down’ is an attentiveness to our world or… Read More

  • Animal Instincts

    Ever apologize to your unconditionally affectionate canine because you yelled as she spilled the water bowl… or, over compensate for the aloofness a feline displays after your extended stay away… only to ponder your own behavior: it’s just an animal? According to Carl… Read More

  • Benefits of Silence

        Living with silence is challenging.  Humans are wired and often compelled to speak in the absence of noise.  Our current society further conditions us to expect frenetic environments where silence is virtually absent. While verbal communication is a primary… Read More

  • Of Routine Importance

        Does practice make perfect?  If you reflect back to the wisdom of any coach, teacher, mentor, or counselor:  yes, perfect is the goal created through practice. Likewise, research affirms that the practice of healthy habits results in happier, higher-quality living.  In infancy, routines help… Read More

  • Emotional Intelligence

      We experience a range of emotions on any given day.  In the moment, we have three behavioral options to manage emotions:  express, compress, or misconstrue.  Emotions are critical to our overall well-being.[Emotions] give us information we can use to… Read More

  • Power to Attract

    At first thought attractiveness conjures the physical, likely symmetrical faces in swimsuits with six pack abs and flawless skin.  Attractiveness, however, goes much deeper than what is visible to the human eye.  As we all differ, thankfully, what attracts us differs as… Read More

  • Busyness Epidemic

      When was the last time you were bored?  Can we even define the term? In between meetings, emails, voice mails, huddles, agendas, conference calls, reports, KPIs, strategic plans, quarterly updates, presentations, and deadlines…  have we lost something? Day in… Read More