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  • Our Inner Voice

      The voice inside your head…  the one that tells you not to have the cookie…  to listen more intently to your spouse… or to leave now or you’ll be late? According to the article, The Voice of Reason inner talk… Read More

  • The BIG Pic

      In this context, The BIG Pic, translates to understanding how our little world-our attitudes, thoughts, and efforts-directly influence a much broader domain. Acknowledging a bigger picture means acquiring the practice of thoughtful perspective on the broader situation.  How what we do… Read More

  • What Vert are You?

      We humans are social beings.  Spending time with others and nurturing meaningful relationships is important for survival.  There are, however, differences in how social time affects our energy and overall contentment.   Some of us thrive from social interaction; others… Read More

  • Beyond Maslow

      Research indicates the need to belong is as important to self actualization as Maslow’s hierarchy of basic human needs.  It is true that attachment to something or someone beyond ourselves is essential to propel us to our greater selves.  Gratification can… Read More

  • Power of Touch

      With eternal quests for happiness and satisfaction, we humans consume vitamins, walk or run miles, repeat affirmations, watch soul networks, or practice fake it til we make it?   All the while, without the touch of another human our physical… Read More

  • Procrastinate Much?

      Do we all procrastinate to some degree?   Before we condemn ourselves for yet another act that requires self reflection, let us first determine if indeed procrastination is a problem.   It could be we are processing the issue?  Managing our… Read More

  • I’m Sorry: Authentic Apologies for Healthier Relationships

      In our society, I’m sorry is as commonplace as please and thank you.  Fortunately, please and thank you will never lose appeal.  These expressions of graciousness and gratitude convey appreciation and increase cooperation.  I’m sorry, however, is only effective in relationships when authentic. What rationale is behind the sorry trend? … Read More

  • Your Life’s Architect: How Aspirations Make Your Visions a Reality

      If you desire to be the architect of your own life, you will need to build a foundation!    Aspirations are a hope or ambition deeper and more broadly purposeful than a goal or resolution.   Typically, aspirations are value-driven and encompass how… Read More