Slowing the Hands of Time

Wow, time flies… when you’re having fun… when our ‘to do’ lists are overwhelming… and when the demands of the day seem to steal our joy.

One key to making time ‘slow down’ is an attentiveness to our world or environment. As attention is more astute in new situations and experiences, creating different and more detailed memories will make those treasured moments, and evidently all moments, seem as if they last longer. Recent studies indicate repetition and familiarity of everyday routines block the creation of new memories. Accordingly, creating new memories extends our perceptions of time duration.  Change a routine, eat with a different hand, brush your teeth in a different sink, take a new route to work, or park in a new spot are common suggestions.


Time flies.

According to Belinda Munoz, other keys toward the goal of improving our relationship with time can also make us more joyful with the journey:


Live It Up

  • Live in the moment.
  • Practice love-in-action.
  • Resist the urge to rush.
  • Do things [you know] bring joy and require little to no effort.
  • Say ‘yes’ only when you mean it.
  • Carve time to do nothing.  

Steal It

  • Block out  time for yourself.
  • Make an appearance but don’t linger.
  • Take a vacation day.
  • Wake up earlier/go to bed later.  


  • Ask for help (hire a professional, intern or enlist a volunteer).
  • Let chores slide (relax… expectations).
  • Let go of guilt.
  • Let things be!  

Be Fierce

  • Do only the things that matter.
  • End a conversation or relationship that [sucks the life out of you].
  • Stop doing things that don’t bring joy or results.
  • Silence distractions.
  • Choose a task or a path… don’t relent… focus.
  • Say ‘no!’

“Learn to appreciate what you have, before time makes you appreciate what you had.”    Unknown

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