Now that’s Significant Podcast Featuring Barbara Gassaway

Barbara joins the “Now that’s Significant” podcast with Michael Howard, Head of Marketing of Infotools in this weeks episode “The return and recent surge of Qualitative Research”


Barbara has decades of experience in the market research industry. A differentiator appreciated by clients and colleagues is Barbara’s comprehensive understanding of strategic marketing principles along with current trends and practices in qualitative behavioral science.

In this episode, Barbara shares with us her perspective on the increase in qualitative research, as well as the deep need for recapturing empathy across our market research efforts. This point around empathy may not seem profound, especially considering today’s customer-centric mindsets that have rightly pervaded organizations, but that doesn’t make it any less important.
Barbara shared some wisdom for recent entrants into the market research qualitative space. And she also gave us a hint at what we might expect from her first and upcoming book.


Infotools is a market research software firm helping their clients better understand their world by empowering them through Infotools’ investigation platform, Harmoni. 

Now that’s Significant is the market research podcast that brings together the greatest minds in the insights industry to discuss the pertinent challenges and opportunities we’re facing.

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