AI Mania

The addiction du jour is artificial intelligence, or AI. If you have not used it, artificial ‘intelligence’ has certainly entered your sphere.


Through an algorithmic process, AI is machine-learning that has the capacity to integrate information, analyze data and… improve decision-making at rapid speed. Ethics and human protections are huge AI use considerations, as are data privacy, algorithm bias, and an entire plethora of pertinent issues.


Driven a car, used Alexa or Siri, invested in stocks, been a hospital patient, applied for a loan (among many, many other circumstances): you have already utilized AI!!


AI processes data so quickly it is beyond what is economically or realistically feasible via humans. Robots, ChatGPT, generative/open/normal/narrow AI and who knows what else, is certainly transforming the world. The capacity of AI to make complex decisions will impact society.


Should you be new to AI, you can try the links below.


IMPORTANT: Please remember EVERYTHING you input into AI is NOT private unless you pay for a subscription!! AI will use it for the next person, and the next.


Uses and accompanying links:

  • Proof (with suggested edits)! QuillBot  
  • Video editing (remove unwanted noise or echoes)! Krisp
  • Write anything! (emails, blogs, websites, social posts, descriptions)


Applications of AI were recently used by Agency 102 to create a client’s, SECU‘s, blog: Before and After AI Client Blog

“A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new!”

 – Albert Einstein

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