Manners EVERYONE Should Know!

Manners: a socially acceptable way of behaving. (Collin Dictionary or Mirriam-Webster)


Emily Post (an etiquette guru) must cringe at the way some people behave in today’s world! These rules serve a reminder to those who care about manners. To those who do not care: please mind your manners!! 


Etiquette is not just about which fork to use. It’s showing respect for yourself and everyone else in your little corner of the planet. Share more kindnessall the time!


According to County Living Magazine, the World Would be a Nicer Place with these (& many more) simple gestures:


Be On Time. We’re all busy, so please stop making people wait for you.


Say “Excuse Me.” It’s the polite thing to do when you bump into someone.


Use “Please” and “Thank You” Always! Especially to those closest to you.


Step (Away or) Outside to Answer Phone Calls. Sometimes you have to take the call… it’s annoying to hear your conversation when we’re trapped behind you in line… or anywhere in public!!


Hold the Door for the Person Behind You. And if someone holds the door for you, always say “thank you!!”


Ask Before Posting. Not everyone wants to be all over social media, and you’re not a reporter— so stop spreading the news.


Offer Your Seat. If you’re in perfectly good health, offer your seat to anyone who is either in poor health or pregnant. Make life easier for those who need it.


Handwrite Thank-You Notes. He or she took the time to send the gift; take the time to show you care.


Clean Up After Your Pet. It’s just plain icky (& rude) to leave it!


Keep the Noise Down! Silence the ringer on your smartphone, speak quietly, and turn the sound down on your dinging email so it’s not bugging everyone.


Dress for the Occasion. Know how to rock it for the club or dress modestly for a funeral. And please wear your PJs at home, not to the grocery store!


Wait Until Everyone Has Been Served to Start Eating. No matter how much you want to dig in ASAP.


Reach Out to People Who Are Grieving. Don’t pretend nothing happened. If you don’t know what to do, simply say you’re sorry.


Help Someone Who’s Clearly Struggling! The next time you see someone straining to reach something on the highest shelf at the grocery store, help her out!


We could ALL use a little Emily Post!!

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