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  • Social Media- New Insights

    LinkedIn  LinkedIn has a unique user demographic: More than 1 of every 3 adults in the US aged 30-49 use LinkedIn (37%), with over half of their users possessing college degrees. Their 722 million users can utilize the platform to… Read More

  • Cost of Interference

    Competition for our attention is at an all-time high. Social media, email, urgent project requests, colleagues who need advice, family tugs, household chores, and the ever-pervasive text messages are all contenders competing for our attention.    Multitasking: not the solution! Research… Read More

  • Happiness Savored!

    According to Webster, Savor is defined as to delight in, enjoy the pleasantries. When was the last time we really enjoyed a moment? Reacted with a belly laugh? Experienced genuine gratefulness for a loved one’s embrace or delighted in the scent of a flower?   A… Read More

  • Etiquette in Social Media

    Our world is a reflection of our personal brand, including our virtual world. Accordingly, etiquette is a wise, worthwhile effort. We live in a transparent world knowing details of others’ lives: exactly where people visit, what they eat, and with whom they are… Read More

  • Naturally Curious

    Thought leaders know:  Effective thinking is born with the realization that we know much less than we think we do.              “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.”  –Aristotle   If we live with the premise we already know… Read More

  • Beyond Mediocrity

    Webster defines “mediocrity” as “the quality or state of being just average.” Current US averages:Height Adult Male: 69.1 inches or 5 feet 9 inchesHeight Adult Female: 63 inches or 5 feet, 3 inchesWeight Adult Male: 197.9 pounds Weight Adult Female:… Read More

  • Social Media Mania

    Social Media has taken over our lives, literally the addiction du jour.  While this connectedness has benefits, an all-consuming habit can take its toll on health. The average person, based on data from more than 4.8 million users of Moment, is now spending… Read More

  • Harnessing Influence

    Emotions are communicated through words and actions, always!   Our personal power of influence is great, whether intentional or passive. The impact of our emotions in every way we communicate has power.   So how do we harness that power so… Read More

  • Melancholy Mayhem

    Our society breeds expectations that powerful people do not show emotion. Social media creates the belief that demonstrating human emotion is interpreted as a sign of weakness. Even affirmations inspire us to channel sadness or anger into positivity… be happy,… Read More

  • Project Reality

    It is fascinating how the body manifests on what the mind focuses. There is a direct correlation between mind and body:  how we think affects the way we feel.  How many times are our physical diagnoses based on Internet searches (Doctor… Read More