• Google Glass: Research in Real Real-Time

      Google Glass is a wearable computer that can be utilized in just about every industry, and the application possibilities are endless! An ability to view the world in real-time, often from a behavior side of the lens, elevates a… Read More

  • Chronicles of a Not So Blue, Blue Crab

      The Maryland State Crustacean is more than a creature with precision pinchers that cause pause about handling one for mere amusement. In fact, our most famous edible was a staple in the daily diet for Native Americans residing on… Read More

  • Understand Your Audience!

        Market research is a fast-paced environment requiring numerous parties to work toward a common goal. The pressure placed on the parties involved to engage in a successful project of discovery can be overwhelming, but the payoff is data… Read More

  • Train Your Brain!

    Neuroplasticity is news in psychology research.  Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to restructure itself [with] training or practice.  It challenges prior theories and provides promise for personal growth and development at any age.  The adage of you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is now bogus, whereas, practice… Read More

  • New Goals for Global Health Research

    Fogarty International Center, a global health affiliate of National Institutes of Health [NIH], launched a new Strategic Plan for combating global diseases. Fogarty’s sole purpose is to support global health efforts using very prestigious training programs and collaborating with international… Read More

  • MBE Certified Businesses

      What is an MBE? Minority Business Enterprise is a certification program created by individual states for qualifying businesses to expand opportunities by providing outlets for successful competition. To qualify for MBE status, a business must be majority owned and… Read More

  • Effective Participant Screening Instruments

    A universal priority exists among all market researchers: recruiting precise participants. As friends, coaches, teachers, and the ever-mounting telemarketer compete for telephone time, creativity is paramount in crafting recruitment qualification screeners. Yielding qualified participants requires team work and importantly, thinking… Read More

  • Handhelds: Addiction or Obsession?

    Is there a difference? As a guilty member, I ponder how this mania is affecting our lives, and specifically our relationships? Observation Baltimore researchers have reviewed recent data findings, and importantly, provide recommendations that may prove helpful even for those… Read More

  • The Power of Influence!

    The annual PMRG National Conference offers health care market researchers the opportunity to become empowered with knowledge and expand their professional reach. Motivational speaker and PMRG’s 2014 keynote speaker, Daniel H. Pink, is the author of four books about the ever-changing work… Read More

  • FOOLish Health Mistake

    April Fools’ Day is a day of trickery, jokes, and mind games. Instead of filling your head with false information, I am going to exploit false information with truth: carbs are destroying your brain! This ingredient tricks even the healthiest… Read More