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  • Savor Happiness

    Savor! According to Webster, Savor is defined as to delight in, enjoy. When was the last time we really enjoyed a moment? Reacted with a belly laugh? Experienced a genuine gratefulness for a loved one’s embrace or delighted in the scent of… Read More

  • Elite Ego

    We are not perfect, nor should we pretend to be, but it is necessary to be the best version of ourselves, according to Dr. Travis Bradberry.  Research is consistent in identifying the most destructive component of a sense of worthiness:  self!  That is, WE are… Read More

  • New Goals for Global Health Research

    Fogarty International Center, a global health affiliate of National Institutes of Health [NIH], launched a new Strategic Plan for combating global diseases. Fogarty’s sole purpose is to support global health efforts using very prestigious training programs and collaborating with international… Read More