Elite Ego

We are not perfect, nor should we pretend to be, but it is necessary to be the best version of ourselves, according to Dr. Travis Bradberry. 

Research is consistent in identifying the most destructive component of a sense of worthiness:  self!  That is, WE are our own worst enemies toward accomplishing the life we want.  We are often unknowingly self-destructive, and others–even love ones–are typically critical without realizing the impact that results from their words or actions.

According to Julian Hayes II, if we work on eliminating the following  habits, adapted here, we can evolve into the best versions of ourselves:

Fear of Failure   

Does failing make you worry:  About what other people think?  About the future and the desired lifestyle you seek?  It is important to realize failure is a natural part of life.  Highly successful people, such as Michael Jordan, Richard Branson, and Bill Gates, have all failed at some point in their life. Failure is needed… valuable insights are learned that can drive… success.

People Pleasing  

There are so many notable quotes about this concept because pleasing everyone is impossible.

Eleanor Roosevelt: You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.

Prioritizing your own value is not selfish, it is smart.  Live your life to please God and yourself.

Negative Self-Talk

“I will never lose 20 pounds.”  “I am so stupid.”  “I hate my:  hair… outfit.”  We “talk” to ourselves much more often than to other people.  According to Dr. Randy Kamen, human beings experience 12,000 to 50,000 thoughts per day.  A significant number of these thoughts are repeated every day.  Written affirmations of your personal goals, posted and changed, foster positive self-talk.  Silencing our inner critic and putting a positive spin on negative thoughts when they emerge in our minds… are also suggestions to hinder negative self-talk.  Negative vocabulary, such as always, can’t, never, won’t, but, and should, also limit self-improvement.

Criticizing & Judging Others  

People are quick to judge, with many developmental sources fostering that behavior, but it is an all-too-common human tendency.  To become the best version of yourself, you need to eliminate negative energy.  When you throw negative energy at people, you are potentially damaging a person’s self-worth and self-esteem.  Kindness, patience, and tolerance are indications of self-control. Please avoid criticizing and judging others by not assuming anything; know it’s not about you.  Do not take another’s behavior personally.


Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination.  We will never be perfect!  To be the best version of ourselves, we need a reality check.  Establishing goals that are attainable, realistic, and important are critical.  Procrastinators can be sidetracked by insignificant factors that ultimately derail goals. To stop procrastinating, create actions that are precise and calculated, have some form of accountability, and set goals that are manageable within achievable guidelines.


“What other people think of you is none of your business.”  –  Deepak Chopra

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