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  • Naturally Curious

    Thought leaders know:  Effective thinking is born with the realization that we know much less than we think we do.              “The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.”  –Aristotle   If we live with the premise we already know… Read More

  • Gen Z, You and Me

    With a new generation comes new mindsets. In recent years the differences between generations, such as Millennials and Baby Boomers, shape thinking and approaches. These differences dominate the media and put Millennials and Baby Boomers at the forefront of the public’s… Read More

  • Generating Potential

    Millennialism… yes, it is a word.  Should other generations be jealous?  Not so much!  It is the mere size of this generation that causes our society such fascination, with warranted merit.  An estimated 85 million millennials, born between 1980 and… Read More

  • Price of Happiness

        We live in a high-tech, high-touch, instant-gratification society and have conditioned ourselves to believe we need the next best thing…now, no matter the cost.   An increasing trend over the past decade is spending money on experiences over… Read More

  • Socially Vogue

      Content is king, according to Bill Gates who coined the term.  Customer engagement today requires enduring innovation.  Breaking through the clutter has never proven more arduous.   Demands for brands to create content daily, sometimes hourly, present the plethora of choices… Read More

  • Pet Psychology

    According to Scientific American Mind, the type of pet you adopt is indicative of exclusive and differentiating behaviors. Our definition of Pet in this context is an animal kept primarily for companionship. Nearly two-thirds [71%] of Americans own a pet… Read More

  • Power of an Underdog

    Depending on where your interests lie, you may favor an underdog or support the successes of a consistent champion. With March Madness well underway underdogs seem to be rising to the occasion. Whether basketball or in another facet of life,… Read More

  • Dangers of Digital

      Technology has elevated from a convenience to a necessity by most in our society, especially the use of smart phones with approximately 80% ownership in the U.S.  We are so dependent on our smart phones a significant percentage of cell phone owners… Read More

  • Five Acts to Brighten Your Holidays

      As 2014 will quickly become history with only memories of what transpired in its place, the blur of multiple ‘to do’ lists causes even the planners among us angst. A friend of mine shared a recent story about a… Read More

  • Magic of Eight

      Some time ago, a brilliant researcher/Neurolinguistics practitioner by the name ofNaomi Henderson wrote an article, Magic of Eight.  I have referenced this article numerous times over the years.  Fast forward to today, I had the recent privilege of co-authoring an article… Read More