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  • Input Yields Output

    Our bodies are similar to machines:  Input yields output! The intricacies of the human body are truly miraculous.  Without proper maintenance, repair, and rest, our machines begin to wear.  Bodies require attention and proper treatment to function at optimal levels.  Natural wear… Read More

  • Resiliency Defined

    With all the positive experiences life presents, sometimes more difficult… sometimes unimaginable…  experiences occur.   What can make difficult times slightly more bearable is an understanding that you are not solo in this journey and we can learn from others how… Read More

  • Conscientiousness

    As mentioned in last week’s Perspectives, Openness to Experience, our personalities define who we are. They shape and help us navigate our lives. Conscientiousness, another Big Five personality trait, describes order, discipline, and impulse control. Punctual, organized, plan-driven people with desirable work ethics,… Read More

  • Openness to Experience

    by Sydney Slavin

  • Moral Fiber

    As trusted Google maps navigate us from place to place, personal values are our navigational tool for life.  Learning fundamental values begins at a very early age…  the difference between right and wrong…  importance of sharing.  As we grow, values… Read More

  • Curious Conditioning

    So, not only does curiosity not kill the cat, it is beneficial to our long term health. Curiosity plays a significant role in mental sharpness, and for those who regularly practice curiosity, increases overall mental capacity.  Research indicates that curiosity that inspires experiences… helps… Read More