Thought Provoking

There are aspects of our lives, to some degree, we do not have control over. When our car decides to break down…  other people make decisions that negatively affect us… traffic… the weather… just to name a few.  We do, however, have control of our reactions to and thoughts about all of our experiences.

Thought Provoking

Negative thoughts can acquire power very quickly if we allow them.

Regardless of whether you gravitate toward the “glass half full” or “glass half empty,” in the moment, it is sometimes challenging to see the silver lining.   All of us experience moments of self-pity, but hopefully those moments are fleeting.

Obviously establishing yourself as a victim, to circumstances or other people, is unhealthy.  Just as damaging to emotional health is self-depreciating, demotivating and/or accusatory thoughts.  Pessimistic thoughts, such as why-me, I’m too fat/short/tall, I’ll never accomplish this, wreak havoc on emotional health, and importantly shape our future.

Negative thoughts can acquire power very quickly if we allow them.  Our society presents numerous opportunities to self-sabotage, feel less-than, or compete with the acquisition lists of others.  If we give negative thoughts power, they alter our outlook and inhibit our ability to experience the joy and happiness we all deserve.

We hold the power of our thoughts!  Positive thoughts increase energy, elevate mood, impact outcomes, and promote emotional health.  Shifting our conscious thoughts to be more positive include:

1.    Remember you are powerful.  Humans, [tend to] conform to external environments.  We are not our professions… our feelings… our circumstances.  We are far greater, far superior, far more important, and far more mysterious than our conceptual mind tries to define, for this is why we are more powerful [than we believe].

2.    Choose to embrace life.  Try to live in the moment… whether it presents an obstacle or an opportunity.  Do not sweat the small stuff; instead focus on what is really important to you.  Time stands still for no one.  Once we realize we are not guaranteed infinite time, we can make any necessary changes that allow us to live fully in each moment.  We can use the china… wear the special shoes or tie… seize the moment… do things that make us feel exceptional.

3.    You control your reactions.  While we cannot control the uncontrollable, we can control our reactions.  Stop the tendency to rush a reaction.  Take a moment to shift your mindset.

4.    Journey well.  Life is a journey so let’s be content with where we are,and make decisions to support our values.  When we stay true to who we are, others’ opinions and zings are less likely to sting.  When we stay the course of what we truly believe, it is more difficult to shake a sturdy foundation.

5.    No one is better qualified.  We tend to hold other people’s opinions of us higher than our own opinion of ourselves.  This act removes our personal power.   We know ourselves better than anyone and need to embrace our value.  Never let another person’s opinion of you affect what you believe about yourself.

We have a choice:  think positive thoughts, model optimism, and forgive those who do not.

Be careful how you think; your life is shaped by your thoughts.  Proverbs 4:2

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