Sadness Allowed

We are expected to be empathic, strong… not show emotions as it is can be interpreted by others as a sign of weakness. Affirmations inspire us to channel our sadness or anger into positivity… be happy, express joy, smile.


Although happiness is a goal for many wise people, a human’s ability to experience authentic joy is not possible without acknowledgment of our ability of how to be sad or angry, grieve loss, or how to process through emotional pain.


All emotions are healthy!



The experiences and expression of the entire range of human emotions defines a rich life. As with any behavior, balance is key. We do not live in a world void of illness, suffering, pain, and hardships. Sadness and bad days are to be expected: shed a tear, take a break, talk it through, express regret. Severity and duration are the important emotional guideposts to keep in mind. Importantly, when any emotion is dismissed, ignored, or not permitted to be felt, it will always present itself in some other way. An inability to feel sadness, anger, or grief can result in bursts of unrelated elevated emotions, typically vented toward those who are not involved. Most critical of all, when we allow ourselves to experience sadness, anger, or grief, the opportunities to experience joy, happiness, and love can be more fully realized.




If one suppresses sadness, anger, or emotional pain for years, it can be very difficult to allow the feelings or experience necessary to effectively heal. It is also likely an explosion of emotions occurs frequently and often unrelated to the situation at hand.

In a world that seems to offer no acceptable space for emotional pain, let’s elevate our ability to feel? Give yourself permission to embrace our human range of emotion, and understand that joy is felt more fully as a result. This takes practice and enlightenment.

According to Sandra Pawula, three ways sadness can empower:


  1. Sadness Has the Power to Introduce a Crack in Our Idea of Reality. No one is exempt from suffering. We all have experienced suffering in some form. Failing to accept the suffering inhibits us from finding the true joy in our lives. Instead of running away, let sadness wake you up. Sadness has the power to introduce a crack in our limited and limiting version of reality. A moment of sadness can be marvelous. You might see clearly for the very first time… let sadness spark your life with new meaning and purpose.


  1. Let Your Heart Break Into a Million Pieces. When sadness breaks open our heart, we become fully human. By having the courage to touch our own pain and suffering, we can touch and feel the pain and suffering of the entire world. Suffering is a common thread that unites all of humanity. From recognizing this simple truth, a profound feeling of interconnectedness can arise. This sense of interconnection can bring about an unspeakable joy that may ignite a wish to bring happiness to all others.


  1. Nothing Ever Stays the Same for Even a Moment. Sadness occurs when things changesadness introduces us to impermanence and can help us learn to let go. Change is the only constant in life. Until we learn to accept change gracefully, we will always suffer. Through embracing the beauty of impermanence, we come to value every precious moment of our lives.


We all possess the power to feel if we allow it!

Tears come from the heart and not from the brain. Leonardo da Vinci

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