• Conquering Fear

    Fear, anxiety, and worry is a current place of being for many! With the current state of our world, if we choose to absorb all that is shared our internal voices can easily lead us to despair and even panic.  … Read More

  • Failure is NOT an Option!

    This pandemic is testing emotions, significantly changing behavior, and generating authentic fear in the fiercest of people! Many of us need to be reminded: We are human! However dark the world appears, we can chose to embrace the changes ahead!  Joyce Myer said:  Attitude is… Read More

  • Words Matter

    Hope this finds everyone safe and healthy!   As we practice an abundance of caution in consideration of COVID-19, we are re-posting a worthy reminder: Words Really Matter!     Each person produces approximately 70,000 thoughts per day, according to the Laboratory of Neuroimaging, University… Read More

  • Listen to Understand

    Listening… a lost art? Not really. According to sociology authorities the act of listening to understand, not to reply, is subject matter that is not taught in main-stream academia.   According to Webster, the following terms mean: ·    Listen: give one’s… Read More

  • Beyond Mediocrity

    Webster defines “mediocrity” as “the quality or state of being just average.” Current US averages:Height Adult Male: 69.1 inches or 5 feet 9 inchesHeight Adult Female: 63 inches or 5 feet, 3 inchesWeight Adult Male: 197.9 pounds Weight Adult Female:… Read More

  • Cultivating Emotional Intelligence

    In laymen’s terms, Emotional Intelligence is the ability to make emotions work for us, instead of against us.   Daniel Goleman introduced the concept of emotional intelligence in 1995.  For twenty-five years, emotional intelligence [EQ] has been at the forefront of theories on… Read More

  • Social Media Mania

    Social Media has taken over our lives, literally the addiction du jour.  While this connectedness has benefits, an all-consuming habit can take its toll on health. The average person, based on data from more than 4.8 million users of Moment, is now spending… Read More

  • Words Matter!

    Each person produces approximately 70,000 thoughts per day, according to the Laboratory of Neuroimaging, University of Southern California. Our minds never stop! The marveling fact is that humans are highly unaware of how the mind works, including the impact of… Read More

  • The Worry Spiral

    Think too much? Do you often consider every possible avenue, approach, response, or path?   We wonder, and wonder, and wonder… and wonder some more. The cycle may drive us crazy when in reality, these thoughts are not rational.  … Read More

  • Harnessing Influence

    Emotions are communicated through words and actions, always!   Our personal power of influence is great, whether intentional or passive. The impact of our emotions in every way we communicate has power.   So how do we harness that power so… Read More