A Box of Awesome

Having trouble deciding what gifts to give your loved ones for the holiday? Ever consider a gift that keeps on giving all year long?

A Box of Awesome is a young concept introduced by Bespoke Post who scours the world for time-tested, small-batch, or otherwise remarkable gear. Subscribers receive new and interesting, world-renowned products in a delightfully themed, decorated box! Each month, a gift box packed full of an assortment of lifestyle brands and products based around a specific theme arrive at the subscribers’ or gift recipients’ door.

A great idea, right? The only downside: it is very clearly a subscription geared toward men.

For such an awesome concept with endless amounts of potential, makes you wonder the reasons they are not delivering the same types of concepts to the other gender?

One might wonder how market research could have enhanced their decisions?

a box of awesome


What do you want in your Box of Awesome?

A Box of Awesome, Bespoke Post

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