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Market research is a fast-paced environment requiring numerous parties to work toward a common goal. The pressure placed on the parties involved to engage in a successful project of discovery can be overwhelming, but the payoff is data that effectively drives client decisions. Understanding the respondent perspective is a primary factor to obtain the insights you need and establishing positive groundwork from the beginning will yield better experiences.

In a recent QRCA DC Chapter workshop, researcher Michael Karchner presented Understanding the Respondent Perspective. His research findings provide great insight to better understand your respondents and discover the motivating drivers for them to participate. Consumer input is necessary to create resonating products and services, according to Michael. The importance of respondent contribution is critical for the success of every project and the market research industry overall!

Michael fees that looking at the process through the eyes of the respondent will further align… synergy between respondents and moderators to improve outcomes. The following shed light on some of the many suggestions provided by Michael to enhance respondent connection.

Be Transparent: Qualified participants sometimes turn down the opportunity to participate in a study. During the recruiting process, being open and clear about what is expected of them. It will better equip them to make a decision up front to participate.

Confirm the Benefit: Respondents want to know they are making a positive impact and that their opinions are valued. Let them know up front the positive contribution they have on the study and confirm those benefits at the end.

Build Connection: Most respondents, especially patients, share an aspect of their life they may have never talked about before. It can be extremely painful to discuss and relive, so it is very important to build connection and trust. Showing genuine empathy and respect allow respondents open up and share.

Knowledge is Power: Humans are motivated by opportunities to stay up-to-date and learn something new. Providing respondents with as much information as possible with give them confidence and connection to the topic.

Make it Meaningful: Respondents are volunteering to participate in the study because the topic has had an impact on their life. Be excited and diligent about the purpose. Show consideration.

Be Comfortable: Respondents are more likely to be comfortable if the moderator comfortable. Show your leadership, welcome them, and encourage their participation.

Create ‘Buzz’: Spread a positive word about of the market research industry. This will make respondents feel more comfortable about participating and may make them more likely to participate in future studies.

To learn more about respondent engagement, contact Michael Karchner. To learn how you can better understand your target audience, contact The Research Group.

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