Formal listening to your target audience: focus groups, listening sessions, and in-depth interviews.

The Research Group is devoted to applying academic sciences to further the understanding of human behavior as it relates to decision-making and influence. Skilled in the disciplines of psychology, sociology, anthropology, neurolinguistics, technology, and neuroscience, our talented team brings a wealth of experience in the utilization of the most current and innovative market research methodologies. We apply qualitative, quantitative, and hybrid tools to reveal insights that inform effective decisions. It is often the discovery of nuances or an essence that compel behavior.

From Our Clients

Barbara is the complete package… a marketing research professional with total integrity, a thorough knowledge of a multitude of business categories and a great thirst for the nuance-beyond-the-numbers that separates her from most of her cookie- cutter competition. I have hired her many times. When I didn’t, I was usually sorry.

Latest News

  • Now that’s Significant Podcast Featuring Barbara Gassaway

    Barbara joins the "Now that's Significant" podcast with Michael Howard, Head of Marketing of Infotools in this weeks episode "The return and recent surge of Qualitative Research"   Barbara has decades of experience in the market research industry. A differentiator...

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  • Change Your Life? Change Your Thoughts!

    Fact: the body manifests what the mind focuses upon. There is a direct correlation between mind and body: how we think affects the way we feel! How many times is our attitude influenced by the news? Or our physical diagnoses based on...

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