The Latest Ethnography Tool: Google Glass!

In a recent QRCA conference keynote address Merrill Dubrow, CEO of M/A/R/C, introduced us to the latest ethnography tool: Google Glass!

Although not yet on the market, Google Glass’ potential to tamp ethnography data to a whole new level is newsworthy. This is way too cool not to share.

Google Glass creates a phenomenally authentic record of behavior with an ability to view the world from the other side of the lens. With this tool, qualitative researchers will now be able to…

  • Capture behaviors within life’s natural experiences
  • View from the eyes of the beholder
  • Observe experience that are hands-free and unencumbered
  • Stay connected during purchase and product/service use behaviors
  • Bring these up-close and personal experiences to clients via video clips

See the World Through The Google Glass Lens

How Google Glass will revolutionize Digital Ethnography

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google glass

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