Slowing Down the Hands of Time

time perception


Why is it the older we get, the faster time seems to pass? Recent studies indicate repetition and familiarity of everyday routines block the creation of new memories. Accordingly, creating new memories extends our perceptions of time duration.

The key to making time “slow down” is attentiveness to our world or environment, and attention is more astute in new situations and experiences. Creating different and more detailed memories will make those treasured moments, and evidently all moments, seem as if they last longer. Some simple, time-enhancing tips:


-Change a routine, eat with a different hand, brush your teeth in a different sink.

-Take a new route to work.

-Go to a new restaurant or choose a new item on your favorite.

-Add a spice of change to your holiday menu.

-Park in a new sport or enter through a different door.


Want to learn more about living with seemingly longer moments and reasons to create unique experiences everyday?

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