Health Care, Market Research, and Big Data

Big data is a hot topic, and this statement is perhaps most relevant in the field of health care, and of course health care market research.

Health care’s ongoing accountability regulations, including required value-based purchasing based on patient experience data, provides a wealth of data for the industry. In the past, market researchers and policy makers may have crossed paths, but the lines of responsibility and reporting are requiring new opportunities of collaboration. With the help of advocate organizations such as the Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group, these relationships are evolving.

The Pharmaceutical Marketing Research Group (PMRG) is an independent, not-for-profit association that advances the principles, practice and power of healthcare marketing research. We are fortunate enough to be attending PMRG’s ANC. PMRG’s keynote speaker, Douglas Goldstein, is a health care strategist and author of Harness the Power of Internet e-Commercial and e-Care.

As a leading health care strategist, Mr. Goldstein emphasized the ability of big data and related analytics to deliver individualized health care strategies, which can now be delivered to patients using mobile devices and expand these opportunities through social media. One of my takeaways from his presentation represents a consistent theme for the entire conference:

Researchers need to be thought partners for their clients, add value as industry knowledge providers, and offer performance-related advice beyond one project’s data. {Please be sure to read The Reseaerch Group’s next blog on Daniel Pink’s presentation at PMRG!}


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