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Are you interested in creating engaging content?

Content is king, according to Bill Gates who coined the term.  Customer engagement today requires enduring innovation.  Breaking through the clutter has never proven more arduous.


Demands for brands to create content daily, sometimes hourly, present the plethora of choices we have to interact with thoughts and opinions of those who have garnered our loyalty, and provide that ability literally at our fingertips.

Individually or as representatives of an organization, we all have an online presence.  That presence may differ depending upon our personal preferences or those dictated by our industry or employer.  Many of us also behave distinctly by relationship, that is Facebook for family and friends, Instagram or SnapChat for friends, or LinkedIn for professional endeavors.  No matter how we engage, where or what you post, share, or like…  not only do you represent yourself and your employer, our digital behavior provides a valuable glimpse into who we are.


For every post we view, be it an article, comment, image, or video, we have a choice to engage or ignore.  Whether we share posts with one person, specific people, groups, or make it public, these choices symbolize what we value.


What specifically drives us to share content?  Findings from a recent study conducted with 2,500 people regarding the primary reasons they shared a story online were:


  • To bring valuable and entertaining content to one another
  • To define themselves to others (give people a sense of who they are)
  • To grow and nourish relationships (stay connected with others)
  • For self-fulfillment (to feel more involved in the world)
  • To get the word out on causes they care about.


Individually and as an organization it is important to share content that best represents how you desire to be perceived.  Know that when you share content it is interpreted as where your passions lie or as content that moves you in some way.  Creating content to fulfill how you want others to view you increases your social vogue status, as well as increases the credibility of your brand.


Here are three tips to improving the value of your social brand fromEvolve24:


1.  Create valuable, relevant content.    The key to being viewed as vogue in the world of social media is to produce and share relevant, useful content.  Relevant, useful content builds stronger identities and attachment…  than those that focus predominately on sharing humorous content.  Shared content informs, inspires, and excites… the audience.


2.  Trigger emotions.   Content that triggers a high emotional response is more likely to be shared and remembered than content that simple creates awareness.  Content that is emotionally motivating is not only more likely to be shared, but helps build stronger engagement with you or your brand.


3.  Understand your audience.   What type of content does your…  audience want?  The goal is to create content that will resonate with those you are hoping to influence Before developing or sharing content, develop an understanding of your audience so the content satisfies a need.



A motivational quote, relevant article, poignant memory, or comment aligning with your sentiment: sharing content takes little effort.  We offer a final tip:  define what socially vogue means to you and identify the types of content to best represent those qualities!


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