The 2014 Super Bowl Survey Follow-Up

In The Research Group’s recent blog, Ad Labs and the Super Bowl, we challenged Super Bowl viewers to don their researcher helmet during the $3.7 million per 30-second commercials.

In an age where media consumption is fragmented, the Super Bowl offers exposure to over 110 million people.  According to Harvard Business Review (and qualitative researchers), effective ads both engage and inform, and hopefully move a brand image needle.

So, how well did this year’s Super Bowl brands perform?

Just as a champion is crowned after the fight is over, there is also an overallwinner for advertisements.  Unscientifically, The Research Group polled 443 individuals and have conclude Budweiser emerges with the most effective advertising.  

When asked which commercial was most memorable, over 1/3 of those polled chose Budweiser’s “Best Buds commercial featuring the friendship of a dog and a horse.


A survey was sent, post-Super Bowl festivities with reminders following the day after, requesting an open-end recall for most memorable Super Bowl commercial.  A series of questions followed to ascertain level of engagement and entertainment, using a  5-point scale.  Budweiser’s “Best Buds”commercial received overall averages of 4.5.


Questions asked:

  • How well did the commercial capture your attention?
  • How strongly did the commercial cause a physical reaction (laughter, crying, discussed with others)?
  • How likely will you be to remember the details of this commercial next week?
  • How much does the message of this commercial change how you feel about the sponsor?
  • How strongly do you associate the brand with this commercial?


In addition to recall, a compelling story evokes emotive connection, and perhaps that animals related well to a cross-section of the target audience.

Other brands emerging as memorable include Doritos, Radio Shack, Coca-Cola, and Cheerios. Which ads do you remember?

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