Recent Surge in Qual

Qualitative market research has been a very popular method of gathering human experience data for brands to better understand decision-making since the 1960’s.

For what reason is qualitative surging now?

According to Mike Stevens of Insights Platforms (formerly with Vision Critical) in a presentation for Forsta, there are lots of reasons:

  • Overload. Marketers tend to be overwhelmed by the amount of quantitative data regularly collected.
  • Distrust. Sample quality continues to be an ongoing issue. According to the Forsta presentation: 88% of digital is fraudulent… with 30% to 50% of survey data bogus. ALARMING!!!
  • Growth of the experience economy. All trained (thank you RIVA) qualitative researchers have experienced those golden nuggets of data. The expertise of a skilled moderator brings the experience economy and emotions about the experience(s) into focus.
  • Storytelling. The growth of storytelling is very exciting!! Skilled qualitative researchers frequently use storytelling, always have. Storytelling, journeys, and diaries are parts of our toolboxes.
  • Rise of Empathy. Finally!!! Empathy for customers/members/patients is not profound, it is NECESSARY! Discovery of how empathy develops can arm a brand with knowledge necessary to gain loyalty (if sincere!).

Participants are human. Humane practices will result in better decision making. Technology and AI are not human. Humane practices will result in satisfied customers who are loyal to brands that embrace authentic preferences

“Trust is like blood pressure. It’s silent, vital to good health,

and if abused it can be deadly.”   -Frank Sonnenberg


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