Introducing Perspectives from The Research Group

The Research Group is happy to introduce their new monthly newsletter, Perspectives. This newsletter is designed for professionals interested in market research diligence, and will feature content that centers on compelling issues, intriguing ideas, and powerful people. Their goal is to inspire and advance unique thinking, philosophies, and the market research industry.

October’s anthology features three articles that cover the 2013 holiday shopping forecast, an update on the Affordable Care Act, and a piece on women and luxury. Though the economy is still shaking off a lengthy recession, retailers are optimistic about this holiday shopping season, and expect it to increase almost four percent over the 2012 season. Americans got their first glimpse at the Affordable Care Act in action this month with the opening of the health benefit exchange websites, and an effort to curtail funding for the act by means of the federal government shutdown failed to accomplish its goal, though it did introduce some new language into the law. Finally, experiments by doctoral students of the University of Minnesota suggest that women ward off potential romantic rivals from their mates by flaunting expensive shoes and handbags.


Perspectives will be in your inbox the second Tuesday of each month. Our mantra is brevity, relevance, and compendium, and you can expect our content and layout to reflect these standards. We look forward to bringing quality and engaging content to you. We are also happy to share Market Research Bulletin’s “20 Researchers You Need to Know,” which features The Research Group’s president and CEO, Barbara Gassaway.

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